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The Lenovo Skylight is the industry’s first smartbook, an ultraportable laptop based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (a low-power phone chipset with integrated WiFi & 3G connectivity). It features a full-size keyboard, 10.1″ high-resolution display, and a custom Linux OS for easy web access.

Lenovo estimates up to 10 hours of usage, delivering on Qualcomm’s claim for an “all-day” battery. Much like a cellphone, the device is meant to be charged overnight and used during the day with no strings attached. At under 2 lbs, the Skylight is thinner and lighter than most netbooks.

The Skylight will be available in April 2010 and retail for $499. Those who sign up for AT&T data plans will get discounted pricing. [View a quick hands-on at Engadget.]

Vocab Review

Netbook: mobile mini-laptop with the brains of a Windows PC (Intel Atom), runs Windows
Smartbook: mobile mini-laptop with the brains of a smartphone (Qualcomm Snapdragon), strictly non-Windows

The differences are in weight, price, battery life, storage, and OS.

Question of the day:
If Verizon has the larger 3G network in the US, why do netbook and smartbook companies continue to partner with AT&T?