From Apple’s Rock&Roll event this morning:

nanoiPod Nano now has a 2.2″ screen, a built-in video camera, microphone, speaker, FM radio, and pedometer. Comes in nine colors; 8GB model for $149, 16GB model for $179. (Make it >30Gb and I’ll buy. My music library is obese.)

iPod touch 8Gb price cut to $199. 32Gb for $299 and 64Gb for $399. The Touch is fastest-growing product in the line.

iPod Classic 160Gb for $249. This model won’t be scrapped until flash memory gets cheaper.

iPod Shuffle comes in five colors and a polished steel special edition. 2Gb for $59, 4Gb for $79. People complained about the on-cord controls, so maybe we’ll see buttons later.

iTunes 9 has Genius playlists and IMPROVED SYNCING! You can selectively sync certain playlists, artists, genres, photos, etc. (Always wanted to do this!)