The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car will debut next week at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s the sports car of the future, as BMW envisions it.

“It’s a very radical concept which will show that it is possible in the future to have a car that is fun to drive, expresses joy, and is very efficient…and as such, in terms of personal mobility, is a sustainable answer.”

–Adrian van Hyoodonk, Director BMW Group Design

To see the design process, see these videos: Part I, Part II

As part of a larger plan to reduce vehicle carbon emissions by 35% by the year 2020, Lamborghini is developing hybrid engines and looking into biofuels (Ferrari, too).

CEO Stephan Winkelmann hinted that the first hybrid Gallardo will offered in 2015 . Unlike other hybrids, the electric motor will only be used at very low speeds–the 10 or 12 cylinder engine will be retained for “fun” driving.