The Zune gets a makeover (no more of that ugly squircle on plastic) for the Zune HD


  • Bright OLED touchscreen display (16:9 widescreen, 480×272 res)
  • NVIDIA Tegra graphics card
  • HD radio receiver
  • HD video output
  • Wi-Fi enabled

The Apple iPod Touch that will release alongside the Zune HD in the fall will probably be cheaper. And I already have more iPods than I know what to do with (paperweights & externalHDs galore), but dude — that OLED screen is gorgeous!

It may be enough for me to go over to the dark side and purchase a Microsoft media player. Maybe. The Zune may have Social, but it doesn’t have a store with 30,000+ applications.

The lack of FM radio on my iPod Video is finally getting to me. I shouldn’t have to use an iPod accessory or have to buy a cheapo radio to get my dose of NPR.