The beauty of electronics — complexities hidden away inside simple exteriors.

The 3rd generation iPod has always been my favorite because it lacked physical buttons. The futuristic face was one piece with an embedded touchwheel and 4 touch-sensitive ‘buttons’ that glowed orange with the backlight. Unfortunately, in later models, it was replaced by the more functional (but less cool) mismatched grey clickwheel.

I picked a used 15GB 3rd Gen iPod off eBay to have as a collector’s piece and a backup external hard drive. The battery was shot, so I bought one of those 1100 mAh DIY battery replacement kits. The instructions certainly looked easy enough – right?


First, I was trying to preserve the integrity of the casing, prying ever so gingerly…yeah, that didn’t work. Apple iPods are like little white fortresses. At the point where the screwdriver drew blood (ow, my thumbs) I resorted to brute force.

The directions were wrong. The best point to stab it open was near the TOP around the headphone jack where there were no accursed latches, not the suggested point 1.5″ down on the side. After I got it open, it was relatively straightforward: I disconnected the hard drive and switched out the battery.

The Interactive Displays Conference last week was absolutely fascinating. I’ve some things to wrap up before I can post about it.