EV’s and hybrids keep getting better and better

Infiniti Essense. The 600 hp, 30 MPG brand icon is a stunning luxury hybrid with a silhouette inspired by Japanese calligraphy. Comes with bespoke fitted Louis Vuitton luggage.

Opel Ampera. This extended range electric vehicle is GM’s European counterpart to the Chevy Volt. Slated for production in late 2010.

EDAG Light Car. LEDs embedded in the body panels can be reconfigured for a customized exterior. Made of 100% recyclable basalt fiber, which has a comparable weight and strength to carbon fiber.

Tesla Model S. This seven-seater electric vehicle is slated for production in 2011, with a starting price of $50,000 (nearly half the price of Tesla’s electric roadsters while carrying twice as many passengers).

Automakers are also spitting out some interesting compact concept cars. Unfortunately, they tend to be hideous, with the exception of these two:

Scion iQ. This micro-subcompact is aimed at young, suburban travelers and can accomodate three plus luggage. Look how it smirks–I might drive this.

Chevy Spark. Five-door hatchback promising 47 MPG. This 2010 production model is based on the Chevy Beat, which garnered the most votes of the GM minicar concepts in the 2007 NY Auto Show.