The conference is in less than two weeks and I am ecstatic! I will be pondering a future involving portable and surface computing with interactive displays in the days leading up to IDC2009. 

Here are the majority of the presentation topics that I will be covering in future posts:


Market and Industry Overview

  • Touch in a Touchless World
  • The Impact of Wireless Social Networking on the Evolution of the Display Industry

Advances in Touch Technology

  • The Advantages of Force-Based Touch Technology
  • MultiTouch LCD Cell – Tough and Modular
  • Multitouch and Some Food for Thought: Designing The Best User Experience
  • Capacitive vs. Resistive Multi-Touch: A User-Centric Comparison
  • DuoSense: The Hands-On Computing Revolution
  • Multi-Discipline Multi-Touch Development at Drexel University
  • Moving from Mechanical Buttons to Capacitive UIs: A solid-state world of posibilities
  • How Multi-Touch, Immersion and 3D Tracking Technologies are Revolutionizing Interactive Displays
  • Getting to the Heart of Touch

Designing Experiences

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Signage Using “Gaze-Tracking” SMS and Other Interactive Technologies
  • Tactable: Designing Multi-Touch Experiences

Applications and Case Studies

  • Sensitive Object Acoustic Technology: The Next Revolution of Touch
  • Trends in Interactive Gaming
  • Facilitating Human Interaction with Interactive Devices
  • The Evolution of a Revolution – The Next Generation iDrive
  • Interactivity in Self-Service Applications

Emerging Technologies

  • Making Scents
  • Robotic Interactive Displays for Music Entertainment

Technology Spotlights

  • Haptics for Interactive Displays
  • Trends in Immersive and Holographic Interactive Displays