The new iPod Shuffle is ridiculous minimalistic. Weighing in at 11 grams, it’s about the size of a small housekey, which means that you will lose it soon after you buy it. New features: multiple playlists, VoiceOver, and a shiny clip.

The Shuffle controls have been relocated to the headphone cord, which I find particularly worrisome. What happens when you lose the headphones? Sure, you can plug in another pair, but you can’t do anything but listen to music at a preset volume! Clearly, this was not designed for control freaks.

And judging by these instructions, you will have to learn Morse code to navigate around your Shuffle. One function per button, please!

This Apple product isn’t so much innovative as it is strange. I’m very confused by the design choices. What if I don’t want a disembodied voice to read out song titles to me? I like my first generation iPod Shuffle just fine–the ones that looked like a stick of gum & double as flash drives.