1.5 million flooded the National Mall Tuesday for the inauguration of Barack Obama, according to an analysis of satellite imagery. The event was witnessed by millions more through television and Internet coverage.

Collected here are photographs of the event, the participants, and some of the witnesses around the world. [via The Big Picture]

The inauguration went off without a hitch — nevermind that Chief Justice Roberts flubbed some words and had to re-administer the oath of presidency later (to make it official). In case you missed the inaugural address, click here for a full transcript.

In keeping with the theme that swept President Obama into the Oval Office, change also came to the official White House Website. Almost at the instant Obama was sworn in, whitehouse.gov relaunched with a redesign to signal a new era in government. Gone was the staid site of the Bush White House, replaced by a dynamic new site reflective of his tech savvy successor.

And yes, Obama will be keeping his Blackberry (dubbed the “BarackBerry”), although access will be limited to a select few.