From internal gasoline-combustion engines to hybrid-electric to fully electric vehicles. I’m excited about the idea of never needing to spend money on gasoline; my next car will most likely be a hybrid-electric. I would only go for a plug-in electric if I decided to live in Davis forever – there are 11 charging stations conveniently sprinkled throughout the city and campus – not every city is as EV friendly.

Without further ado, some of the hybrid electrics from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show:

  1. Fisker Automotive Karma = HOT. Premium hybrids get all the looks.
  2. Toyota Prius for 2010 is roomier and averages 50mpg (up from 46mpg).
  3. Honda Insight (Concept) for 2010, to be priced below $20,000 to compete directly with the Toyota Prius {starting at $22,000}.
  4. Mercedes BlueZero (Concept). Gas-electric, battery-electric, or hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain. Killing two three birds with one stone.


With the exception of the Fisker Karma, they all have that darn friendly jellybean shape.

The question remains: will GM, Ford & Chrysler will be able to price their EVs and hybrids on par with the Insight and Prius?