Jeff Han founded Perceptive Pixel to develop and market the most advanced multi-touch systems in the world. Above is the official demo. All I have to say is, HOT DAMN – that’s the stuff of dreams! 

Imagine coupling Perceptive Pixel’s systems with Intel’s Minority-Report-esque 3D translucent touchscreen wall at CES 2009!!! I can’t wait until multi-touch user interfaces go mainstream.

I guess I should also mentionMicrosoft Surface, the first commercially-available surface computing platform as of 2007.

Surface computing is:

  • Direct Interaction: Users can actually “grab” digital information with their hands – interacting with content by touch and gesture, without the use of a mouse or keyboard.
  • Multi–Touch: Surface computing recognizes many points of contact simultaneously, not just from one finger like with a typical touch–screen, but up to dozens of items at once.
  • Multi–User: The horizontal form factor makes it easy for several people to gather around Microsoft Surface together, providing a collaborative, face–to–face computing experience.
  • Object Recognition: Users can place physical objects on the display to trigger different types of digital responses; in the future, this will include the ability to transfer digital content.