The House voted 237 to 170 Wednesday night in favor of a $14 billion rescue for the automobile industry, but the fate of the measure was uncertain because of shaky support among Republicans in the Senate. [House Passes Auto Rescue Bill via NYTimes]

Um, kill it in the Senate, please. I don’t know if GM can even keep afloat on their best bets: the Chevy Volt, the Ford Fiesta, and that unnamed electric car being developed by Chrysler with the help of Nissan. The State of California could certainly use $14 billion…I can sense tuition costs rising in the near future.

“Of all Detroit’s failures — the failure to master small cars, failure to cut costs, failure to get tough with the UAW, failure to improve fuel efficiency — the failure to learn [is] perhaps its worst sin.” [Is This Detroit’s Last Winter? (The Case for Saving Detroit) via TIME]

In other news, Invitrogen & Applied Biosystems have merged to create Life Technologies, a massive global biotechnology tools company – selling both the instrumentation (genetic sequencers/analyzers, thermocyclers, etc.) and consumables – dedicated to improving the human condition.