Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the nomination for secretary of state after additional discussion with President-elect Barack Obama about the nature of her role, two confidants of Mrs. Clinton said Friday. 
[Clinton to Accept Secretary of State Nomination, Confidants Say via NYT]

I can’t wait for Obama’s historic inaugration in January! Security is being heavily intensified for the record turnout (4 million?). I’m expecting a crowd of most epic proportions.

“…the overwhelming demand to attend the swearing-in ceremony has caused online scalping at sites like eBay’s ticket venture StubHub and Craigslist for prices reaching as much as $40,000.” [eBay bans sale of Obama inauguration tickets via The Register]

Speaking of epic proportions:

This article alerted me about paper in Current Biology that I had to hunt down:
Matz et al., Giant Deep-Sea Protist Produces Bilaterian-like Traces, Current Biology (2008), doi:10.1016/j.cub.2008.10.028

Scarce fossil evidence in the Precambrian makes it difficult to pin down when organisms with bilateral symmetry first arose. Did it occur before, as molecular evidence suggests, or concurrently with the massive speciation during the Cambrian? Matz et al. suggests that trace fossils currently assigned to early Bilaterians could also be attributed to megaprotozoans.

The thought of gargantuan amoebas lumbering along the ocean floors, leaving Bilaterian tracks and fooling paleontologists all the while, makes me chuckle – what a wonderful oxymoron!

I <3 unicellular organisms.