The new face of the workplace:

With new tools, new models of collaboration, and new freedom and mobility in working styles, some New Rules of Working are emerging. Not all of these have asserted their dominance yet, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever totally supplant more traditional rules and ways of working. But they are emerging, and in my mind, they’re all positive and exciting developments.

1. Online apps and the cloud beat the desktop and hard drive.
While the majority of workers use desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, that’s rapidly changing. Today, people like me use apps that are almost all online, such as Gmail, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Gcal, WordPress, Twitter, Zoho Office, High Rise, Backpack and many others. The advantages of online apps: you can use them on any computer, and never have to worry about where you saved documents.

7. Communication as a stream. 
Think about when emails and IMs and Twitters and RSS feeds and forum posts and other types of things you read ever stopped coming in. It doesn’t happen. And because it’s never-ending, you can’t process from top to bottom, sequentially…How do you work with the stream? You take what you need, go in every now and then to see what’s going on, and don’t worry that you’re missing things. You’re always missing things — everybody is.

10. Open-source is better than closed. 
Instead of being closed and protectionist, open things to the public. Be accountable, release copyright, allow people to share, and allow others to contribute…The traditional way was to keep things a secret, and not let others be privy to your inside information..The open-source model works much better in many cases. It allows people to contribute, recognizing that not just a select few people have good ideas or talent. It allows people to share, recognizing that an idea grows in value as it becomes more widespread, and an artist grows in worth as he reaches a wider audience, and a program becomes more successful as it becomes more popular.

[12 New Rules of Working You Should Embrace Today via ZenHabits]